A Week at PyCon DC 2004 -- Day 5

Conference Day 1 -- Wednesday, March 24

Author: David Goodger
Contact: goodger@python.org

Woke up around 5am, tried to get another precious hour of sleep, but no luck. Met another PyCon-goer, Nestor Nissen of Germany, when I was on my way out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth, and he was on his way in. I was wearing my black staff PyCon shirt.

Arrived at PyCon at 7:15am, ran around setting up schedules and helping out wherever I could. I manned the registration desk from 8 to 9; met a lot of people. Bill Sconce had his stuffie python, Eric, on the registration table, so I made a name badge for him. Was wearing my name badge with "Docutils" plus a "FOR HIRE" badge, which got some response. Talked to a recruiter after Mitch Kapor's keynote address.

Anthony Baxter's talk, "Scripting Language" My Arse: Using Python for Voice over IP, was a lot of fun. Attended Andrew Koenig's talk & Andrew Kuchling's Quixote tutorial, both good.

Lunch was fine, met Thomas Wouters, Neil Norwitz, Neil Schemenauer, and others. Made a BOF session schedule board, then went to buy some socks at Gap. Caught Jacob Hallen's PyPy talk; interesting work.

Did a bit more sprinting, then held the Docutils Birds-of-a-Feather session at 8pm. About 20 people showed up. I described the results from the sprint, then opened the floor for discussion. Got some good ideas too.

Walked back to the hostel with Tamer Fahmy, talking about middle-eastern politics among other subjects. He worked on his slide show for Thursday's session; Nester arrived and we critiqued. My advice: fewer words, more talking, and show the pretty pictures as early as possible. We seem to have convinced him.

Met an Italian couple as I was getting ready for bed, who couldn't speak much English. Tried French and Japanese, but their "little English" was all we had in common. I bid them "buena notte".