A Week at PyCon DC 2004 -- Day 3

Sprint Day 3 -- Monday, March 22

Author: David Goodger
Contact: goodger@python.org

The watch's alarm didn't wake me up, possibly because I was wearing it, and I was bundled up under the covers. I woke up a few minutes later anyway.

Was cold this morning, so I was glad for my sweater, scarf, hat & gloves. A lot more traffic on Monday morning than Saturday & Sunday.

Mike Orr joined the Docutils sprint for the morning; he and Reggie began working on an API for document fragments, particularly HTML. By evening, Reggie Dugard had made good progress, almost complete. Aahz seems to be making steady strides with his FrameMaker writer, and Matt Gilbert with MoinMoin integration. Ian Bicking was back with us after attending the Zope tutorial yesterday, but Oliver Rutherfurd is at work today. Ed Loper and Bill Sconce also continued hacking on DocPy/LaTeX; Steve Holden is now busy with conference matters.

For lunch, Reggie and I visited the conference building's food court, and impressive place with a dozen or so vendors, from Burger King and Taco Bell to Crepes and Chinese. We settled on Chinese; I had sweet & hot chicken on rice. We got big helpings; again I wasn't hungry for dinner. There were some kind of peppers in the food and I ate one by accident. Hot!