A Week at PyCon DC 2004 -- Day 2

Sprint Day 2 -- Sunday, March 21

Author: David Goodger
Contact: goodger@python.org

Woke around 7:20. Loud music again last night, but earplugs did the trick. A brisk, windy morning, an a 30 minute walk to PyCon. On the way, I noticed a building being build at the corner of 21st and K (I think). Affixed was a sign: "Hitt Contracting". Amusing.

Docutils sprint: Ed Loper has arrived this morning, to work on Epydoc integration. Tracy Ruggles worked with him. Laura Creighton and Jacob Hallen joined us, but pressing business seems to have arisen. Reggie Dugard worked on a Table of Contents bug, mostly as a learning exercise. Matt Gilbert made good progress on MoinMoin integration, as did Aahz with his FrameMaker writer, Oliver Rutherfurd with his DocBook writer, and Steve Holden & Bill Sconce with DocPy/LaTeX.

For lunch, Matt, Tracy, Ed, Reggie, and I went to an Italian place across the street. Was good, and filling; became my main meal of the day.

I was the last one out, after asking the building manager to lock up our room. Bought a watch at CVS (the pharmacy, not the code repository) on the way back to the hostel, for the alarm.