Pictures of JPF-1, Paris, 28 May 1999

The pictures below were taken during the Journée Python France, a one day Python meeting in Paris, organized by Marc Poinot at the Onera, where probably more details like the program are still available about the event.


All pictures were taken with a Kodak DC 265 1.6 megapixel digital camera, an awesome but still affordable machine of around USD 900, taking as the manual rightly says, great pictures (it's even scriptable - if only in one of these fashionable let's-reinvent-the-wheel-but-let's-do-it-much-worse so-called scripting languages called "Digita Script"). The format used was 768x512 JPEG files, i.e. the lowest resolution available (highest would be 1536x1024), combined with the most decent compression.

Individual Pictures

I've taken roughly 35 pictures, out of which I selected a set of 15 to document the event. The pictures were taken randomly, without a "mission" to complete and, hence, are not fully satisfying from an artist's or even documenter's point of view. Forgive me, but I did not mean to disturb the event by taking 150 shots, something the DC 265 would allow you to do with the 24 MB compact flash card used and the format selected. You might hire me, though, for IPC-8 as the official shooter, so I can do it better next time! :-)

235 236
The Python double-helix, observed at a fashion shop's portal close to Les Halles in Paris.
The left-turning Python is said to be more dangerous. ;-)

Guido with his personal mascot.

A sequence of Guido's slides, explaining what he is really after with Python...

... cont'ed...

... no less than the equivalent of Linus Thorvald's "World Domination" idea!

Aaron Watters unveiling kwParsing and GadFly secrets.

Konrad Hinsen concentrating on Python numerics.

JPF audience, up-front: Nancy and Aaron Watters, Just and Guido van Rossum.

The Berlin XML gang: Kilian Golm, Christian Tismer and Axel Roepke.

Marc Poinot, the JPF organizer.

Marc Lazareff, Konrad Hinsen and Guido van Rossum.

Anonymous Python evangelist.

Christian "was-the-shaving-ok?" Tismer.

Just van Rossum and (Perl-bashing?) Vladimir Marangozov.

Downloadable Picture Sets

The 15 pictures above are also available in two downloadable sets, where the "small" set was created by a simple size reduction in Photoshop-4. No other kind of post-processing of any picture was performed, although some pictures would benefit from slight contrast and luminosity adjustments, especially those of the speakers standing in front of a projection screen. Well, this is left to the challenged viewer.

- large 768x512, avg. size 128 KB, total 2 MB
- small 192x128, avg. size 16 KB, total 265 KB


Thanks again, to Marc, for the overall organization, to the speakers, the audiance and to Petrus for such a nice weather during this week-end in Paris! ;-)

Dinu C. Gherman, (no underscores)