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PythonPoint is a tool for creating presentations in PDF. It is part of the free ReportLab ToolKit (see RLTK), but isn't maybe quite well advertised the way it deserves. Therefore, a short description is maybe in order.

PythonPoint is a cross-platform command-line tool which converts presentations described as XML source files into PDF files which can be viewed (presented) anywhere. The XML dialect used (described as a DTD) is very simple, but powerful enough to describe headlines, paragraphs, bullet lists, images and tables, drawings, etc. while making use of stylesheets as well to describe fonts, colors, etc. Special PDF features like page changing effects and bookmark outlines are also supported. Moreover, PythonPoint also generates handouts and speaker notes in various sizes.

Because the input is plain XML you can use any text editor you like or your favourite huge fancy true XML editor to write your presentation content. You can also connect some of these editors to PythonPoint like H. Turgut Uyar did with XMLmind. And with some more or less simple tricks you can also import and display SVG and PDF files. See my Presentations on SVG and Zope.

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