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Happy-go-Wiki, Linux-Magazine, Oct. 2003, PDF (266 KB)
An article (in English) describing an experimental minimal but very flexible WikiWiki system named HeyHeyWickie, building on EmPy and Docutils.
Sparsamer Wikinger, Linux-Magazin, Sept. 2003
The original article (in German) of the one above describing HeyHeyWickie.
Mensch vor Technik, Linux-Magazin, Sept. 2003
A conference report (in German) about EPC2003, the European Python and Zope Conference 2003 in Charleroi, Belgium, June 2003.
Dokumenten-Akrobatik, Linux-Magazin, Dez. 2002
An article (in German) describing how to generate PDF documents programmatically using RLTK, the ReportLab Toolkit.
Kulturgut, ix-Magazin, Mar. 2000
A conference report (in German) about IPC8, the International Python Conference 8 in Arlington, Virginia, USA, Jan. 2000.
Learning Python, ix-Magazin, Aug. 1999
A book review (in German) of Mark Lutz and David Ascher, "Learning Python", O', Apr. 1999.
Schlangenbrut, ix-Magazin, Feb. 1999
A conference report (in German) about IPC7, the International Python Conference 7 in Houston, Texas, USA, Nov. 1998.
Python-Bücher, ix-Magazin, Juli 1997
A list of book reviews (in German) of Martin v. Loewis und Niels Fischbeck, "Das Python-Buch", Aaron Watters et. al, "Internet Programming with Python" and Mark Lutz, "Programming Python".


Linux Server Hacks, O', Sept., 2003
A German translation of Rob Flickenger's book Linux Server Hacks, O', Jan. 2003.
Python - kurz & gut, 2. Aufl., O', Juni, 2002
A German translation (together with Christian Tismer) of Mark Lutz' book Python Pocket Reference, 2nd ed., O', Nov. 2001.
Python & XML, O', Mai 2002
A German translation of Christopher A. Jones' and Fred L. Drake, Jr.'s book Python & XML, O', Dec. 2001.
Python Standard-Bibliothek, O', Dez. 2001
A German translation (together with Christian Tismer) of Fredrik Lundh's book Python Standard Library, O', May 2001.
Python Referenz, Markt+Technik, Jan. 2000 (now out of print)
A German translation of David Beazley's book, Python Essential Reference, 1st ed. (ReportLab provides a PDF version of it as an online publishing sample on their site). By now, there is a 2nd edition of the original.
Das Python-Tutorium (v. 2.1), Apr. 2001
A German translation (version 1.5.2 is readable online) of Guido van Rossum et al., "Python Tutorial 2.1".
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