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I've made a (slightly unfinished, undocumented and with no trace of a guarantee of correctness) couple of modules that can be used to control xmms from the Python prompt. Only tested with xmms 1.0.1.

Update (2001-04-26): I've added a couple more functions & a tiny little applet that can be used with the gnome-python package to control xmms (I didn't like the one that came with gnome).


There are a few other Python/XMMS interface modules. Here are two I know of:

Both of these are written as C modules linking against the libxmms that comes with xmms. I couldn't be bothered to do that: I basically translated the libxmms source into Python. This is probably both an advantage and a disadvantage. One the up side, no compilation is necessary to use my module. On the down side, my module will break if changes are made in the protocol used to control xmms.

Also, I hardly ever use xmms any more so other modules may be better maintained. OTOH, maintaining Python code is a damn sight easier than maintaining C, and if someone wants to grab my code and keep it up to date, be my guest!

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