1 icqlib -- A wrapper for iclib

Availability: Unix.

I wanted a Python interface to a client-side icq library. Icqlib was the cleanest and most complete library I found, but there were no Python bindings - so I wrote these.

The king of the show is the ICQLink (Extension)Class. You call methods on it to do things, and icqlib calls other methods on it when things happen. This makes for a bit of an odd programming style - generally the methods you call return immediately and you learn of success or failure some time later.

There are but a few functions and one class exposed at module level:

ICQLink (uin, nick, passwd[, use_tcp])
Create a new ICQLink object. In practice you will nearly always derive a class from ICQLink and override various methods. use_tcp controls whether TCP is used at all; it defaults to true.

The functions are all to do with turning some of the codes the icq server gives in response to queries into something rather more readable.

GetCountryName (code)

GetMetaAffiliationName (code)

GetMetaBackgroundName (code)

GetMetaLanguageName (code)

GetMetaOccupationName (code)