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This is laughably out of date. I'm back to doing things by hand.

I used to write all my html by hand. This is OK for a few pages but it rapidly gets tedious if you want to e.g. keep a list of links along the top and bottom of each page.

I have at various times experimented with various methods of generating HTML (both my own and others'). I always ended up buried in complexity (with mine by rampant overdesign, with others' by poor documentation and software that was designed to solve more complex problems than I had). So when it became apparent that some kind of partial autogeneration would be a clear win, I stuck firmly to being as simple as possible.

Most of my pages are pretty similar; they have a heading, a bunch of links, some "content" (yeah, right), the links again, and a footer. Almost all that changes between files is the "content", so I'd like to write files like this:

 @input head title="the title"
 @input links
 ... content goes here ...
 @input links
 @input tail date="$Date: 2000/07/01 12:56:39 $"

So I wrote a little script than turns the above into valid XHTML (using a bunch of files called things like head.frag, links.frag, ...). The error checking is abysmal, but then again, I wrote this code for me.

These pages use CSS heavily (probably too heavily). This means that while you should still be able to browse these pages with a non CSS browser, it will probably look better if you do.

This means you don't want to use netscape 4.

I've been writing these pages and checking them using a mozilla M16 nightly, but if you want stability I'd recommend M15 (until M16 comes out of course...). IE is OK, if that's an option for you.

There are no images on my pages. This not really due to any moral viewpoint, it's more a result of my being more-or-less unable to drive any image editor...

All pages on this site have been checked by the W3C XHTML and CSS validators (and actually validate!), but if you want to check a page, click on the links at the bottom of each page.

Amusingly, the HTML the CSS validator suggests for it's link isn't even particularly close to being valid XHTML 1.0. Oh well.

<home> <personal> <hacks> <links> <quotes> <details> <summaries>

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