Michael Hudson's Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Postal Address

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Date of Birth



1990-1995 Uppingham Community College
1995-1997 Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I Sixth Form College, Leicester
1997-2001 Jesus College, Cambridge

Awards Received

GCSE A* Mathematics, Double Science
A English, French, German
B Design, English Literature
C History, Music
A Level A Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
S Level 1 Chemistry
STEP S Mathematics II
1 Mathematics III
BA Hons Mathematics, Part IA First
BA Hons Mathematics, Part IB First
BA Hons Mathematics, Part IIB First
Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics Merit

Interests and activities

I take part in various sports to various degrees of skill; my main ones at the moment are hockey and athletics.

I am interested in computing of all sorts, having experience in a wide range of environments and languages. I am familiar with MacOS, Windows and Linux systems, having some programming experience in all of them. My main programming langauges are C, C++ and Python; I have some experience with Common Lisp, scheme and Haskell, and know a little Eiffel and Javascript. I can generally make Latex and (X)HTML do what I want, but don't claim any great proficiency with these tools.

I am also very interested in so-called "interoperability" technologies such as CORBA and COM; I strongly believe that such things are the key to making software as reliable as it should be.

Volunteer Experience

I spent a week in September 1997 clearing rhododendrons at Speke Hall, Liverpool.

Work Experience

Summers 1995,1996 Worked with Prof. Khan at Leicester University producing figures for a geophysics textbook (Looking Through The Earth) and writing documentation for undergraduate experiments.
Summer 1998 Worked for Richard Kimbell, Market Harborough as a warehouse assistant for 11 weeks.
Summers 1999, 2000 Worked at Pi Development writing ActiveX controls and scheduling algorithms for the on-car network.


Supplied on request.